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Dr Hairy's Research Summaries, Vol 3

New out in book form, these summaries originally appeared online between June 2015 and September 2016. About 120 research articles from the BMJ and BJGP, summarised right down to the basics, with 10 accompanying quizzes.

Funny, irrevent and written in plain language, these are still the only books about medical research that you can read without falling asleep!

To order a copy for just £15, visit our catalogue page


Gnossiennes - Three short videos based on Eric Satie's Gnossiennes, and designed to be used as interludes between the text-videos in the Wellbeing project. The paintings in Gnossienne 2 are by Edward Hopper.


The Wellbeing Project, Part Three - the last three in a series of eleven short information-videos about wellbeing and life-satisfaction, designed to be shown in the Waiting Room of our surgery.


The Wellbeing Project, Part Two - parts 5-8 in a series of eleven short information-videos about wellbeing and life-satisfaction, designed to be shown in the Waiting Room of our surgery.

  1. Creativity -
  2. Pets -
  3. Money -
  4. Mindfulness -
Wellbeing Part 1 image

The Wellbeing Project, Part One - the first four in a series of eleven short information-videos about wellbeing and life-satisfaction, designed to be shown in the Waiting Room of our surgery.

  1. Introduction -
  2. Connecting with other people -
  3. Learning -
  4. Staying active -
Dr Hairy's mother

November 2016 - Dr Hairy and the QCQ, Part 1

First in a new series of Dr Hairy puppet-animations. The Under-Secretary for Health cooks up a fiendish inspection regime for doctors' surgeries, and Dr Hairy gets a bizarre phonecall from his mother - with hilarious results!

YouTube -

Vimeo -


August 2015 - Dr Hairy's Research Summaries, Volume 2

The second series of Dr Hairy's Research Summaries (2014-15) is now out as a book. More than 120 research articles summarised right down to the basic, plus true-or-false quizzes and jokes.

To buy a copy for just £15, please visit our catalogue page.


June 2015 - A Short Message from Dr Hairy

A very short (90 second) video to promote the first Dr Hairy picture-book, Sindy and the Antibiotics. As well as lovely bunnies, pictured to the left, the video also features a blue elephant and the most famous naughty boy in the UK.

To see it on YouTube, click here

Sindy image

April 2015 - Sindy and the Antibiotics

A full-colour Dr Hairy picture book - a cautionary tale for both children and adults!

Sindy's Mum keeps taking her to see Dr Hairy with minor ailments, and demanding antibiotics. Dr Hairy, even though he doesn't think antibiotics are really the appropriate treatment, keeps prescribing them because Sindy's Mum is so insistent. Then one day, instead of Dr Hairy, they meet a locum called Dr Smoothie...

To see a preview of the book in .pdf format, click here: Sindy(interior).pdf - or to order a print copy, click here.


Dec 2014 - Dr Hairy in: Parents' Evening

Dr Hairy is obliged to accompany his teenage daughter to a parents' evening at her school - with hilarious results!

On YouTube:

On Vimeo:

This is the last episode in Series 2 of Dr Hairy. To place an order for the whole series on DVD, click here.

Dr Hairy Series 2 image

Dec 2014 - Dr Hairy, Series 2 - out now on DVD!

Dr Hairy continues to make his living as an NHS doctor - with hilarious results!

10 rib-tickle-tastic episodes, featuring characters both old and new, plus Gilgamesh on a bonus DVD - all for only £15!

To place an order, click here.

Big.Data 04 image

Nov 2014 - Dr Hairy in: Big.Data (part 4)

Dr Hairy's outburst on the subject of the Big.Data initiative continues to make waves. The Undersecretary has an unexpected visit from the mysterious and sinister Number One, and Dr Hairy has an equally unexpected visit from the vengeful Dr Stead - with hilarious results! The fourth part of four.

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Mince Pies image

Oct 2014 - Dr Hairy in: Mince Pies

In this very short episode, Dr Hairy becomes outraged when he discovers mince pies for sale in October.

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Big.Data 03 image

Sept 2014 - Dr Hairy in: Big.Data (part 3)

Dr Hairy's outburst on the subject of the Big.Data initiative has found its way into the newspapers, and eventually comes to the attention of the Prime Minister himself, Nadvik Clamouregg - with hilarious results!

On YouTube:
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dementia image

August 2014 - Dementia

A text-animation (with sound) on the subject of dementia. Could be used as a training-aid for dementia awareness, but it was really put together without any particular practical application in mind.

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Big Data part 2 image.jpg

July 2014 - Dr Hairy in: Big.Data (part 2)

At a party hosted by his wife, Dr Hairy finds himself being cross-examined about the Big.Data initiative - with hilarious results!

On YouTube:
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Big Data part 1 image.jpg

June 2014 - Dr Hairy in: Big.Data (part 1)

The Undersecretary from the Department of Health decides to make a data extraction from every doctor's surgery in the country - with hilarious results!

On YouTube:
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June 2014 - Dr Hairy's Research Summaries - the book!

The first year's worth of Dr Hairy's Research Summaries (May 2013 - April 2014) has just been published in book form. More than 140 summaries of research articles, with 12 quizzes, and lots of hilarious jokes, all for only £15!

For those who haven't tried them, Dr Hairy's Research Summaries are a fun way to keep up to date with what's going on in medical research. To order a copy of the book, please visit our Catalogue.


June 2014 - We're now listed on Digitalis

Digitalis Technology are makers of the Digitalis App, "a mobile application designed to support and enhance continuing medical education for Doctors". They got in touch with us about a month ago to ask if we'd like to be listed on their site once the app was up and running, which it now is.

The app is designed to help you find training online, and once you've found it to keep a log of what you've done. At the moment you need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to use it, but if you've got one of those you can download it for free! Wahoo!

Christmas Carol image

Dr Hairy's Christmas Carol

Series Two, Episode Three (Yuletide Special). The Spirit of Christmas pays three visits to Dr Hairy in an attempt to stop him being such a miserable old curmudgeon - with hilarious results!


Dr Hairy in: The Cold Foot

Series Two, Episode Two. In this one, Dr Hairy attempts to deal with a patient with a cold foot - with hilarious results!


Dr Hairy in: COPD (Clinic in the Sky)

Series Two, Episode One. In this one, Dr Hairy attempts to persuade a patient with respiratory problems not to go to the hospital so much - with hilarious results!


A ten-part Dr Hairy spinoff, using the Dr Hairy characters to retell the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh incautiously boasts that he can beat anybody in a fight - even his patroness, the Goddess Aruru. When the Goddess Aruru herself hears of his boast, she decides to send a new hero to challenge him.

All ten episodes are now available online. To visit the project home-page, click here.

Mentoring image

Dr Hairy in: Mentoring

The thirteenth Dr Hairy instalment, concluding the first series. In this one, Dr Hairy reaches a crisis in his career and decides to seek the help of a mentor - with hilarious results!

The Problem of Healthcare image

The Problem of Healthcare

At last! A layman's guide to the Government's healthcare reforms, explaining them in terms so simple they might have been written by a complete idiot, and charting the development of health care from the good old days to the present and beyond - with hilarious results!

Child Safety image

Dr Hairy in: Child Safety

Dr Hairy attempts to work out how to deal with a case of possible domestic violence - with hilarious results!

Appraisal image No 4

Dr Hairy in: Appraisal (Part 4)

Dr Hairy has to attend a Professional Development meeting - also with hilarious results!

Appraisal image No 3

Dr Hairy in: Appraisal (Part 3)

Dr Hairy and Dr Underslider have their appraisals - and Dr Gladstone is cornered at the Cricket Club - with hilarious results!

Appraisal image No 2

Dr Hairy in: Appraisal (Part 2)

Dr Hairy keeps struggling to fill in his appraisal form - with hilarious results!

Appraisal image No 1

Dr Hairy in: Appraisal (Part 1)

Dr Hairy attempts to prepare for his annual appraisal - with hilarious results!

Tiddles image

Dr Hairy in: Frank Talking (Part 3)

Dr Underslider manages to persuade Mrs Hattersley to forgive Dr Hairy for his straight talking - with hilarious results!

Belinda Marscapone image

Dr Hairy in: Frank Talking (Part 2)

Dr Hairy's outburst of frank talking has some unexpected - but hilarious! - results.

Dr Underslider image

Dr Hairy in: Frank Talking (Part 1)

Dr Hairy is advised to try talking frankly to one of his patients - with hilarious results!

Dr Gladstone image

Dr Hairy in: Old Fashioned Medicine

Dr Hairy tries to persuade one of his patients to lose weight - with hilarious results!

psychedelic dog image

Dr Hairy's Address to the Nation (election special)

In time for the 2010 General Election, Dr Hairy takes it upon himself to address the nation - with hilarious results!

Dr Goldfinger image

Dr Hairy in: Private Charges

One of Dr Hairy's patients inadvertently incurs some private charges - with hilarious results!

Dr Hairy image

Dr Hairy in: Phoning the London Hospital

Dr Hairy attempts to phone one of the big hospitals in London - with hilarious results!