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The RCGP's GP Curriculum is a very important document, designed not just for Trainees but established GPs, which "sets out what’s required to practise as an independent General Practitioner in the UK NHS."

However, it's a teensy weensy bit boring.

Dr Hairy's Curriculum Casebook brings the Curriculum to life, by showing how it relates to the everyday realities of General Practice. We've taken the 21 "Statements" in the Curriculum - representing 21 different areas of health care - and written a fictional case for each of them. There are questions about each case, and boxes for you to fill in your answers. True to the spirit of Dr Hairy, we've tried to keep the writing as lively and down-to-earth as possible.

There are seven sections in our Casebook, each one covering three "Statements". If you download a section, answer all the questions in it, and attach it to your Appraisal or e-Portfolio, you'll have lots of evidence of reflective learning.

Better still, if you email a section back to us once you've filled in the answers, we'll send you a certificate for four hours of learning.

A subscription to all seven sections of the Casebook costs just £40, and subscribers will be notified as each new section becomes available online. If you want to buy a subscription, click here for our catalogue page.

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Section 6

  • Care of people with eye problems
  • Care of people with metabolic problems
  • Care of people with neurological problems 

Section 7