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11. Dr Hairy's Professional Development Course (printed version)


Designed for groups of 12 or more. Help towards reflective learning, appraisals and revalidation.

  • 1 DVD
  • 13 Dr Hairy videos
  • 1 Facilitator's Pack
  • 12 Exercise-Books for course members
  • 2 additional videos ("Bramble Jelly" and "Everyone I can think of who has died")
  • 28 group exercises
  • 8 poems
  • 74 thought-provoking questions
  • Loads of jokes

Designed for Course Organisers and their trainees, or for groups of qualified GPs who want to prepare themselves for appraisals and revalidation.

Even good GPs make mistakes and get into difficulties, but the best GPs are able to learn and develop by reflecting on their work. GPs also need to demonstrate evidence of reflective learning in their appraisals and revalidation. This Professional Development Course will help you to do just that.

Written in unstuffy non-academic language, with examples drawn from everyday situations in primary care, and group exercises which will get your synapses crackling like a firework display, it's intended to encourage engagement, discussion, story-swapping, the exchange of ideas, and to get you thinking about the wider context in which you work as a GP.

£249.50 Now £150.00

12. Dr Hairy's Professional Development Course - Additional Exercise Books


If you're organising a group with more than 12 members, you can buy additional exercise-books here.

They're full of questions and exercises, and they're designed to be filled out by individual course-members so that they can be used as evidence of reflective learning for appraisal and revalidation.


Also available: Professional Development for Appraisal and Revalidation (The Dr Hairy Workbook)

This is the book version of Dr Hairy's Professional Development Course, published by Scion Publishing, and it's intended for individual GPs rather than group learning. It's currently prized at £19.99, and you can get it direct from Scion Publishing if you click here .