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New research papers are being published all the time - important stuff, which you probably ought to know about, because it's directly relevant to your patients.

Do you keep up to date with all this research? Do you hell. You've got a dusty old pile of BMJs a foot thick sitting on a shelf somewhere in your surgery, and you just can't get round to looking at them.

Well, now you don't have to! Dr Hairy's gone and read them for you! And because his attention-span is extremely short, he's instantly forgotten all the complicated bits, and just made a note of the main points.

You can read through his notes, and at the end you can take a short quiz, just to see if any of it's gone in or not. When you click the "Submit" button at the end of the quiz, we'll email you a certificate to say you've done two hours of study.

What could be simpler? Well, eating a biscuit could be simpler, but you don't get validation points for eating a biscuit, and you will for this.

Why not give it a try? Click the link at the bottom of this section to download the summaries, then come back to this page and do the quiz below. If you like it, send us £40, and we'll send you a password which gets you access to a year's worth (one new bundle of summaries + quiz every month for a year).